After anchoring the defense at Whitman College, where he earned a degree in chemistry, Bill turned his attention to the pharmaceutical industry. As part of the venture capital group at Pfizer, which invests in innovative startups looking to improve the quality of healthcare around the world, he has served on more than 10 corporate boards. He also received an M.B.A. from Columbia University. He doesn't remember exactly when he fell in love with soccer because it's always been an integral part of his life, even now. He, does, however, vividly recall being on the sidelines as he watched his older siblings play. At the tender age of four, he couldn't wait to get onto the field.


A two-time captain at the College of William & Mary who played nearly every position, Jen went on to spend more than two decades at AIG, where she excelled in business development and financial lines underwriting both in the United States and globally, at times working out of offices in San Francisco, New York and London. She also started up AIG's high-net-worth business in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia. As a kid, she trained with the boys team to raise her game, and she still smiles when recalling the many hours she spent mastering Pig, a popular East Coast activity played against a wall to develop technical skills "back in the day," as she puts it.


A former captain at Northwestern University and starting center midfielder at River Plate in Argentina, Maria is now the best-selling author of seven novels. She has also inspired audiences around the country as a keynote speaker, sharing the story of how she abandoned a successful career in public relations to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Her favorite childhood soccer memory is camping out under a ping-pong table with her best buddy every Friday night before their Saturday morning games. To this day, her closest friends in the world are those she met playing the beautiful game.