Star BBQ & Parents-vs-Coaches Game
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Star BBQ & Parents-vs-Coaches Game

All Star families are invited this coming Sunday, October 8 to our Fall Club barbecue and parents-vs-coaches game. We'll plenty of food, including Coach Juan Porras Argentine parrilla, mexican food as well as a potluck. Come and partake the fun and club bonding.

Sign-up for parents-vs-coaches game…/1y_7CmEMbX_4Y0FtCx_N4eCQavS…/edit…

BBQ potluck signup

Note: Originally this bbq was supposed to be staged at our new futsal center, but it is still under construction. We'll be having an inaugural event at the center later this fall. For those that signed up for futsal center chores, you will be contacted directly.

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