Star 05 Girls Win San Francisco Cup 2019


Well done, Star Academy 2005 girls on winning the San Francisco Cup 2019—a second trophy lifted in a month. Respect to the entire squad, parents, drivers and Star Academy! Some highlights included first goals of the season for Josie (joint top scorer for the tournament) and Lola (a peach from the edge of the box). Alondra scoring her first in the most un-Alondra fashion (clumsy, not graceful). She dictated the semi-final game with massive game intelligence. It was a midfield masterclass. In my opinion the best player this tournament was Chance. Most of you would have missed it, but she made a brave and clever block in the last moment of the semis, and I am convinced it was going in. Tiny details such as this are the difference between winning and losing. While we were celebrating she was stinging! In the final she was imperious calming everyone down when I was losing my manic mind. Gali, gave us a heart attack briefly but two clean sheets and nil mistakes leading to goals, zero. She is game intelligent managing the game properly because she watches football and she gets it. Thanks to Lori who also works her socks off behind the scenes. Thanks to Benkay at Glens Evolution and the many, many people working their socks off behind the scenes I thought it was an excellent tournament.
- Coach Ross Klinefelter

Juan Carlos Contreras