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The Star Philosophy

At Star Academy we do more than develop elite soccer talent. Through exceptional coaching and a team-focused culture we develop extraordinary young adults. For us the team is always the star. With focus on individual player development and quality of play, the outcome is always success. At every level, our gifted and passionate coaches convey five core values we strongly believe lead to teamwork and success not just in matches, but in life.

Respect. Hard work. Communication. Competitive spirit. Open-mindedness.

Our players embody the dedication and hunger that it takes to maximize their individual potential. When the competitor comes to Star Academy, that's when transformations happen. This approach leads to victories, but more importantly it transforms skilled soccer players into remarkable people who take charge of their lives, into leaders who positively impact those around them, on and off the pitch, now and in the future. When that happens we all win, regardless of the score.


the star player

Our outstanding coaches consistently set positive examples for every age group and for both genders. The following are just a few behaviors that become second nature for Star Academy kids. What do they have to do with the concept of "winning"? To that we say: everything! At Star Academy, soccer is more than a game, it's a way of life.

Greeting each other at training and games with a smile and a high-five, handshake or hug.

Addressing referees with deference.

Comforting teammates who miss a penalty kick.

Keeping positive body language after the other team scores.

Requesting and receiving constructive feedback on performance.

Helping opponents up after hard tackles.

Making eye contact with teammates' parents.