June Newsletter


Congrats to the Star 04 I Girls for a great spring.

The team had another great season with development continuing on an upward trajectory. Donec pellentesque, dui sit amet cursus finibus, arcu ante tempus dolor, convallis pellentesque nunc mi nec urna. Duis non sem vitae lorem vestibulum ornare. Cras bibendum nibh quis vestibulum scelerisque. Duis leo lorem, hendrerit nec turpis eget, cursus pretium felis. Proin eu interdum nunc, vel finibus urna. This season's highlights include:

NPL 2 - Spring 2018
3rd place overall. 2nd highest points earned. Most goals scored (27). League leading goal scorer - Isabella Santos (12). League leading assists - Kayla Williams (11).

State Cup 17/18
State-Quarter Finalist. Star knocked-out Champions League and NPL 1 teams during their run.

Manchester City Cup
Despite some group stage losses, the team's play was strong in the top division.


Star '99 boys on a roll in 2017 & 2018!

The last two years have been full of achievements for the Star Academy 99/00B team. In Spring 2017, the team ended the season as one of the semi-finalist teams in the top State Cup bracket after knocking out several top-seeded NorCal NPL teams. Besides State Cup, the team also reached semi-finals in numbers of other major tournaments: US Regional, Juventus Tournament, Champion Cup and San Diego Surf College Cup Showcase. After a good spring season, the team qualified for NPL1 in Fall 2017 where the team continued to play hard and finished 2nd with the record of 8-2-0. As a result of a successful Fall season, the team qualified for Champions League in Spring 2018 and competed with a group of top teams in Northern California. This achievement made a historic mark for Star Academy FC. The team’s achievement is a result of an unique team chemistry among 99/00 players and 01 guest players, and the attacking style of football that outlining the philosophy of Star Academy FC. 



star Players of the Month


"Justin is player that can make an impact in different positions. He is often invited to play up and brings high energy to the team. Justin has scored 7 goals and has assisted twice this season, including a hat trick in our Round of 16 State cup game. He has been able to maintain a good rhythm transitioning from high school soccer, where he scored 11 goals and had 3 assists in 14 games. He is definitely a player to watch. Come out and see him play."

- Coach Enrique Rosales

Current Team: Star Academy 02B

Position: Winger/Striker

Favorite Player: Cristiano Ronaldo

Favorite Team: Manchester United

Favorite Move: Scissors / Step-Overs

Hobbies: Going to the gym.

Unique thing about me: I have a job where I teach kids how to do gymnastics.

Do you play any instruments?: Yes, the guitar.

Grade: 10th, Mills High School

College I want to attend: UCLA

Teammates that Influence me: Everyone on my team, All of the 01's, 00's, and 99's.

What I like most about Star Academy: The training environment is fun, so coming to practice and working out is enjoyable.


"Ella is one of the two captains of SAFC’s 04G I team. Her leadership as center back for the possession style that the team plays has been vital all season and during our State Cup run. She has also contributed offensively by scoring four goals in the last four matches. Her charisma and positive vibe brings joy to the training sessions without losing the competitive spirit of the game. As part of the oldest age group on the girl’s side, she is an excellent role model to come out and see.

- Coach Alex Pozo

Current Team: Star Academy 04GI

Position: Center Back

Favorite Player: Mallory Pugh

Favorite Move: The Maradona

Hobbies: Surfing

Unique thing about me: I participate in the musicals at my school and I love performing arts.

Grade: 8th, Burlingame Intermediate School

College I want to attend: UCLA

Teammates that Influence me: Kaylee influences me because she's always experimenting with different moves and combinations and isn't afraid to try something new.

What I like most about Star Academy: I love the community at Star Academy. All of the coaches are always so supportive and it really does fell like a family.



Coach's corner


Get to know Coach Yvan Treviño
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What do you do in your free time?
I love to spend time with my family, read tons of books and exercise.

What club do you follow?
I follow Boca Juniors because I grew up watching Roman Riquelme play and because they are the best club in the Americas.

Do you have hobbies?
I found a new hobby recently, yoga. Yoga is great because it helps me improve the relationship with myself.

Where were you born?
Lima, Peru

Your favorite book?
Grit by Angela Duckworth. I learned with this book that without grit, talent maybe nothing but unmet potential.

A unique thing about you?
My personality, because it allows me to build relationships with most people I meet.

Do you play any instruments or have any other talents?
I can play guitar very well. I can spend hours on YouTube trying to master the chords to a song.

Most influential coach you've had? And why?
Life has been a tremendous coach to me. I'm grateful for the life I've lived thus far—the struggles and the successes.

Favorite professional coach? And why?
Pep Guardiola—he re-defined the word "win". When he wins, he succeeds in his way and doesn't negotiate his principles or beliefs, for anything.

What do you remember most of your playing career?
Honestly, the countless friendships I've made. Almost all the relationships I have and will have were built through soccer. 

What other jobs have you had?
Account Executive, Cantor Fitzgerald, NYC

Any other info you would like to share?
Nothing in life is personal, and nothing in life is big deal. Be you, be happy and be kind. 

IMG_3090 2.JPG

Welcome Dr. Lee Hancock, Star Academy's USSDA Academy Director
Dr. Lee is a High Performance Coach for professional athletes, coaches at all levels, business and team leaders, students, parents and organizations. 

He also been involved in soccer for over 20 years. He has a USSF ‘A’ license, and has served as an assistant coach in the MLS. Dr. Lee has developed and implemented complete soccer curricula and coach and parent education programs for MLS and youth soccer clubs throughout the country. Star Academy welcomes Dr. Lee as its USSDA Academy Director.

Dr. Lee in his own words: 
"Nam nec metus quis dolor dignissim blandit. Etiam convallis risus quis venenatis lacinia. Nulla sed orci convallis, auctor odio ut, euismod nulla. Pellentesque placerat est laoreet, tristique dolor in, egestas mauris. Nam sagittis finibus est ut luctus. Aliquam id pellentesque mi, sit amet rutrum mauris. Aenean vel libero a dolor facilisis congue." 



monthly club photography contest

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